Diphtheria Ori Immunization?

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Hello doctor nDoctor, while at school my eldest son was immunized with ori diphtheria. My son is only in grade 1, aged 7y2m nAfter receiving the first injection, not long ago he was forced to go to his class to participate in re-immunization. I said re-immunization because when he answered that he had already been immunized earlier, both the class and the accompanying teacher did not heed and still gave instructions to the health worker so that my son was given another injection. nAt the second injection, my ankle was crying because I couldn’t stand the pain. coming home from school, she’s just normal nNight is also normal, no complaining, no fever nIt’s just this morning, complaining that her arm hurts and has a slight fever n What doctor? Is there any serious impact from giving 2x injections in the near term? NFrom the school, considering this was their negligence, I was given paracetamol 3×1 nThank you in advance

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Diphtheria immunization is carried out to prevent the spread of diphtheria. Diphtheria is very dangerous because it is easily spread from a sick patient through saliva splashes and skin contact. This vaccine contains weakened bacteria.

Diphtheria ORI needs to be done 3 times to form a child's immune system. After doing the first ORI immunization, re-immunization a month after the first. Meanwhile, the third ORI was carried out 6 months later. Diphtheria vaccine can cause some side effects because the vaccine contains weakened bacteria, namely:

The area of ​​the injection site swells The skin at the injection site turns red and the child becomes weak. The child becomes fussy. Low-grade fever Not all children will experience the side effects of the vaccine, depending on the health condition of each child. Usually these side effects will appear within one to three days after the vaccine is given. Things you can do at home when a child has a fever can give paracetamol or ibuprofen according to the dosage, don't give aspirin, compress the child, get enough rest, drink enough and eat nutritious food. If the fever in 3 days does not heal, high fever continues, looks weak then you should take your child to the pediatrician and you can consult for the next vaccine schedule.

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