Diphtheria Vaccine For Children Aged 16 Months?

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, my child is 16 months old, the posyandu will organize a diphtheria vaccine, my child in 1 year will have routine DPT vaccine, is complete until DPT 3. Does my child need to take diphtheria vaccine? remembering 18 months my child will be getting advanced vaccines, please answer, doctor, thank you.

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Infants and children are a group that is susceptible to diphtheria infection. Initially, this disease often shows only mild symptoms, which resemble a common cold cough. However, if not treated properly, this disease can cause serious complications, even lead to death.

Initially, the diphtheria vaccine was included in the mandatory immunization program from the government, which is given when children are 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 18 months, and 5 years old. However, considering that recently there has been a diphtheria outbreak again, the government has launched the diphtheria outbreak response immunization program, which is aimed at every population aged 1 to 19 who lives in the outbreak area, regardless of previous vaccination history. So, even though your child has received the diphtheria vaccine up to 3 times, then you should still re-enroll in this program. This diphtheria ORI vaccine was carried out 3 times, with a distance of 0-1-6. This means that if you currently enroll your child to get the first diphtheria vaccine, then in 1 month you will have to return to include your child the second vaccine, and 6 months later for the 3rd vaccine.

With complete vaccinations, your child's protection against diphtheria can be more optimal.

That's all for our explanation. For more details, please consult directly with a doctor or pediatrician.

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