Diphtheria Vaccine For Tonsillitis Sufferers?

Illustration of Diphtheria Vaccine For Tonsillitis Sufferers?
Illustration: Diphtheria Vaccine For Tonsillitis Sufferers? Bing

I have tonsils, but they are still small, the tonsils sometimes get sore throat, but all I have to do is take the inflammation medicine, it has healed, now I don’t have sore throat, can I inject diphtheria even though I have small tonsils? (no inflammation, healthy)

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Good evening Rafi. Thank you for your question

Diphtheria is a disease that has recently increased because the number of cases is quite extraordinary and even included in extraordinary events (KLB). This disease is an acute infectious disease, caused by bacteria and attacks the mucous membranes of the nose and throat and sometimes even affects the skin.

Diphtheria can strike at any age, but those under 5 years or over 60 years are very at risk of getting diphtheria. This disease is caused by Corynebacterium diphtheria and Corynebacterium ulcerans with an incubation period of 2 – 5 days.

Symptoms of this disease include:

1.   Sore throat and hoarseness

2.   Fever and chills and

3.    There is a grayish white layer at the back of the oral cavity (throat).

4.    Difficulty breathing or fast breathing

5. Swelling of the lymph glands in the neck

6.    Weak and tired.

7.    Runny nose. At first it is runny, but over time it becomes thick and sometimes bleeds

Diphtheria transmission itself can occur through several methods, namely

1.   Items that have been contaminated by bacteria, for example toys or towels.

2. Direct touch of the boil caused by diphtheria on the patient's skin. This transmission generally occurs in sufferers who live in densely populated environments and whose cleanliness is not maintained.

3.   Direct contact with infected animals, such as cows.

4.    Drinking milk that has not gone through the process of pasteurization or sterilization.

5.    Food made from milk that has not gone through the pasteurization or sterilization process.

Steps taken to prevent diphtheria are carried out in 2 ways, namely prevention with Diphtheria Outbreak Response Immunization (ORI). The vaccines used are:

1. Basic immunization for children

2.    Immunization with the DPT – Hib – HB vaccine for children 1 – 5 years

3. DT for children aged 5 years to < 7 years

4.    Td for children aged 7 – 19 years

The Diphtheria Tetanus (Dt) and Tetanus Diphtheria (Td) vaccines, although they have the same vaccine ingredients, but different compositions make them different in their immunization targets. The content of the Diphtheria Tetanus (Dt) vaccine has a Diphtheria antiviral composition of 20 Lf, while the tetanus antiviral is 7.5 Lf. Meanwhile, the Tetanus Diphtheria (Td) vaccine has a tetanus antiviral of 7.5 Lf and a lower diphtheria antiviral of 2 Lf. Meanwhile, the size per injection is the same, 0.5 ml.

In adults, vaccination is also needed, especially in areas experiencing Diphtheria Outbreaks (Extraordinary Events). Where the administration of vaccines is divided into 2, namely:

1.    Adults who have never received a vaccine or whose immunization status is incomplete. Given 1 dose of Tdap vaccine followed by Td vaccine as a booster 3 times, with the second dose given 4 weeks from the first dose and the third dose given after 6 to 12 months from the first dose

2. Adults who have not completed three doses of the primary series Td vaccine are given the remaining unfulfilled dose

Keep in mind, that the vaccine is only able to provide protection for 10 years and then given a booster again.

Some of the side effects of vaccine administration are:

1.   Children/adults who are sick should wait until their illness has recovered before immunizing. Because immunization when sick can cause convulsions

2. For some children, they experience allergies to the diphtheria and tetanus vaccines, so if Dt and Td immunizations are carried out, their bodies will respond with various diseases

3. As with other vaccine injections, the Dt and Td vaccines usually cause side effects in the form of causing fever in children which lasts 1-2 days, red rash at the injection site, even seizures for children who have had seizures. However, this effect will decrease slowly as the pain disappears in the injection site

Giving this vaccine can be done to every healthy person even though he has a history of tonsillitis. If you want to find out more about this vaccination, then you can consult directly with a doctor or specialist in internal medicine so that you get better information. For this reason, there are several steps taken for prevention, namely:

1. Recognize the early symptoms of diphtheria

2. Immediately go to the nearest health center or hospital if a child complains of a sore throat accompanied by a sound like snoring (stridor), especially children aged <15 years.

3.   The child must be immediately hospitalized if suspected of having diphtheria in order to immediately receive treatment and laboratory tests to determine whether the child really has diphtheria.

4.    To break the chain of transmission, all family members in the household must be examined immediately by a doctor whether they also suffer or are carriers (carriers) of diphtheria and receive treatment (erythromycin 50 mg/kg body weight for 5 days).

5.   Family members who have been declared healthy, immediately receive DPT immunization.

6.   The community must know and understand that after DPT immunization, sometimes fever, swelling and pain occurs at the DPT injection site, which is a normal reaction and will disappear within a few days. If the child has a fever or swelling at the injection site, he may take paracetamol fever-reducing medicine 4 times a day according to age, often drink fruit juice or milk, and wear thin clothes or seek medical attention immediately at the nearest health worker.

You can read this article. Adults Still Need Vaccinations

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