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Hello, n nI want to ask, can I use Diprogenta cream 10g during pregnancy? I am about 5 months pregnant now. NSince I have an allergy in the lower part of the neck and it doesn’t cause itching, it’s just that it bothers me. Did the allergy arise from my own pregnancy hormones? N nAnd can the Cream help? NPlease include it. N nThanks

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Hi Mufrida,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Hormonal changes experienced by pregnant women often trigger a variety of skin problems, including hives, allergies, irritation, dullness, dark spots, stretch marks, and so on. This is generally not a dangerous condition and will get better in time after you give birth.

Need to clarify beforehand, what kind of allergy symptoms have you experienced in your neck area?

Allergic manifestations on the skin are generally characterized by the appearance of a rash or lesion that feels itchy to hot. This complaint can appear locally on the skin in direct contact with the allergen, or it can spread almost to the whole body. Allergy symptoms usually appear for a short time after you've been exposed to the allergen, and disappear after the allergen exposure is eliminated.

If the complaints you experience are not accompanied by itching, it is necessary to further evaluate whether it is true that your condition is caused by an allergic reaction, or not. It could also be, symptoms that resemble allergies arise due to other causes, for example contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, fungal infections, bacterial or viral infections, dry skin, and so on.

The cream you mentioned has active ingredients of bethamethasone dipropionate and gentamycin sulfate. When viewed from its content, this cream is useful for reducing skin complaints due to bacterial infections, inflammation, including allergies. However, because it is not clear what exactly is the cause of your complaint, it is highly recommended not to use this cream before undergoing an in-person doctor's examination. Due to its safety for use in pregnant women, this cream should ONLY be used if it is felt that the benefits that can be generated far outweigh the potential risks that may arise from its use. So, you can't be careless huh ..

Check your complaint first to a gynecologist or a skin and genital specialist so that you can follow up on what kind of treatment is right to overcome it. In the meantime, we recommend not to exfoliate, scratch, or apply anything to the affected skin before being evaluated by a doctor. Always keep yourself clean, namely by bathing diligently, wearing clean clothes, and do not exchange personal items with other people.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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