Discharge After Axilla Surgery?

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ammualaikum. I want to ask, my sister is ready for surgery on her right axilla on December 22 last. but after opening the first stitch about 1 week postoperatively and the second 8 days ago the fluid in the axilla came out and had a red hole like an infection. Even when the sewing thread was pulled, it still came out about 1 finger long. I’ve been given gentamicin Salf. Is it dangerous with the condition, and are good antibiotics and salf given?rnThank you

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Hi Nani

After surgery, whether large or small, the patient is expected to be able to treat the wound by not being exposed to water, taking routine medicine given by the doctor, washing the surgical wound with a sterile solution and then closing it again, and the most important thing is regular control over the patient. the doctor who took the action, so that an evaluation of the progress of the recovery process can be carried out whether it is going well or not.

If the surgical wound becomes pus and smells bad, it is suspected that the wound has an infection, the most common cause of infection is the result of the wound becoming wet due to exposure to water, sweating or also because the wound is not covered with sterile gauze.

The sewing thread used for surgery is divided into 2 types, the first is the type of thread that needs to be removed after the injured tissue is completely glued and the other type is the thread that does not need to be removed because it will become part of the body (better known as yarn that becomes "meat").

Danger or not can not be ascertained, due to limited information, the information needed to determine a diagnosis (medical condition) is obtained through health interviews and also direct examination of the surgical wound.

The administration of antibiotic ointment is adjusted to each wound condition, so even though the conditions are both infections, what antibiotics are suitable, of course, differ.

As a suggestion is

If sterile gauze and povidone iodine solution are available, you can clean the wound by rinsing with drinking water or NaCl solution which is then applied with a small amount of povidone iodine solution and covered with sterile gauze. Use clothing that absorbs sweat, so sweat does not accumulate so much that it makes the wound wet. Eat lots of foods that contain protein such as fish, eggs, meat, tempeh, tofu. Where protein is very good in helping repair damaged tissue, but do not consume it if you are allergic.
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