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Morning, I have an earache with several doctors this year, and cleaned the wax in the ear .. The latest doctor said that if I had inflammation of the ear, I gave him a test and antibiotic. Often the liquid comes out if it is clear but it is clear, it doesn’t smell, I think it’s the remaining test medicine and it comes out. The last check-up, the doctor said, was getting better and the prescription of the drug but the test medicine was not prescribed anymore. and you found out that the fluid is still out and feels bad. Is that the process of getting better or is the symptoms of Kurg good right?

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Hello Oenk

In general, the inflammatory process progresses well, marked by reduced symptoms of inflammation, where the inflammatory process is usually accompanied by pain, swelling, redness, burning sensation, and even a change in function.

The presence of fluid that still comes out and itching has various considerations, such as the process of restoring damaged tissue (such as for example in a wound on the outer skin, where when it will heal usually the scar will itch), but it can also be itchy. apparently due to a fungal infection (whereas the previous condition was infection by bacteria). Itching and discharge can also be caused by an allergic reaction to the ear drops.

However, the various considerations above are not necessarily the same as what Oenk actually experienced, the doctor needs to see the condition of your ear directly, such as with a special ear flashlight (otoscope), besides that a general medical assessment can also provide additional information on the complaints you experience when this. So that's why Oenk is advised to take the drug according to the recommended dosage, and if the complaint is not completely resolved but the drug stock is left for 1-2 days, then Oenk is advised to take control again, or when the complaint is felt to be getting worse.

Another suggestion is to be careful when taking a shower, so that water does not get into the ear canal, besides that, avoid using earphones / headsets, and try to avoid loud sounds.

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