Discharge Near Delivery?

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My wife keeps having discharge but not amniotic fluid… Why, please explain

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Hello Deni......

Thank you for your question.

As information for you, amniotic fluid protects the fetus from injury or shock from the outside. In addition, the fetus can move in the uterus and the fetus can develop during pregnancy because it is supported by the presence of amniotic fluid.

If the discharge is approaching the date of delivery, it could be amniotic fluid. Amniotic fluid itself needs to be distinguished from urine or more whitish.

Amniotic fluid is clear yellowish in color, odorless, may be accompanied by mucus or blood. Amniotic fluid can come out seeping or continuously. Meanwhile, the urine smells pungent, and the vaginal discharge itself can be clear to yellowish.

If the liquid is still coming out, we suggest immediately seeing a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology or the midwife who has been treating your wife so far, so that everything is clear & clear, and finally proper treatment can be given according to the exact cause that causes this condition.

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This is the explanation that we can convey, hopefully this is useful.


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