Discharge Of Brown Spots During Young Pregnancy?

Hello. I am 22 years old. Since I got married my menstrual cycle has changed. I got married on July 2 and I had my period on the 16th and the next month I had my period on August 6 and my menstruation was on August 31 and the following month I had no menstruation anymore. After checking, I was pregnant. R nBut 3 days ago, brown spots came out. And yesterday at dawn I was bleeding quite a lot and the blood clot was quite large. And until now I still have bleeding like menstruation .. When on ultrasound the doctor said my uterus was small and there was no fetus but before going to ultrasound I had a urine test but still +. How is this ?? 😭😭

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Hello, Nhiaa, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Bleeding from the vagina outside the menstrual cycle can be caused by several reasons, such as miscarriage, mass / lumps in the reproductive organs (for example: myoma, endometriosis), inflammation of the reproductive organs (eg pelvic inflammation), hormonal causes (for example, use of contraceptives) hormonal, hormonal imbalance), etc. To ascertain the cause of the bleeding, a doctor's direct physical examination must be carried out as well as supporting examinations, such as a urine / blood test for pregnancy, an ultrasound test, a urine analysis, or a complete blood test.

Ultrasound is a device that utilizes sound waves, which can help doctors see the condition of certain organs. With ultrasound, the obstetrician can see the size of the uterus, the presence of the fetus, fetal heart rate, fetal size, and the condition of the surrounding organs. Ultrasound is subjective, which means that the meaning of the results depends on the examiner's hand. When the doctor examining you states that there is no fetus in your uterus, he will not see any signs of a fetus, such as heart rate, gestational sac, or other markers in the fetus depending on the estimated gestational age.

Meanwhile, a urine test for pregnancy detects the pregnancy hormone (hCG) in the urine. A positive test result can mean several things:

1. True positive, which is a positive result and you are actually pregnant

2. False positives, or positive test results but in fact you are not pregnant. Several conditions can cause false positives, for example a miscarriage that occurs after the egg attaches to the uterine wall, pregnancy outside the uterus (ectopic pregnancy), or ovarian abnormalities.

During pregnancy, the amount of pregnancy hormone (hCG) will increase every day, but when the pregnancy stops, the amount of hCG will also decrease, but the process of decreasing the amount of hCG is slow. hCG can remain in urine or blood for up to 6 weeks after pregnancy has ended. So if you are not sure, to be sure, you can repeat the test pack again a few days later, or check directly with the doctor for further tests.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.


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