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Hello, a few weeks ago I had a fever. After recovering, a week later I realized that the fine hairs on my body had partially turned white (For example, the hair on the big toe had 8 strands, 3 strands were white while the rest were black. Likewise fine hairs on the rest of the body). I am 24 years old. Am I being experienced? Is it a symptom of the disease or is there an indication of the side effects of the drug I have ever taken? Thank you

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Hair or hair that turns white at a productive age like you might be affected by reduced pigment production. In general, hair color changes due to decreased pigment, often starting after the individual is getting older. However, if the production of melanin in your hair begins to occur at a productive age this might be influenced by genetic factors. If you have a family member with the same history, this will strengthen the genetic influence in your family that causes white discoloration of your hair.
Some of the conditions below can also trigger an individual's hair color or hair color changes, such as:
1. a stressful or anxious condition
2. smoking
3. diseases of the immune system disorders
4. thyroid disorders
5. Vitamin B deficiency
Thus, fever complaints that you feel before might not cause your hair to be white. And the possibility of discoloration of your hair has occurred before you have a fever or illness.
However, to think about complaints and conditions, you can evaluate the risk factors above and consult directly with your dermatologist. The doctor will conduct interviews and physical examinations related to your clinical condition. If necessary, blood tests to determine the presence or absence of the underlying disease can also be done.
For now, you can do a number of things, like avoiding cigarettes, alcohol when consuming. Avoid stressors and stay up late to help regenerate body cells properly. Also do it by regular exercise and eating healthy to help with the needs of vitamins and nutrients.
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