Discoloration Of The Penis.?

Hello, yesterday I masturbated, I experienced the head of my penis there was a part that slightly changed color, it was rather charred and it was usually like that.

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Hello, Farhan Nauval. Thank you for the question submitted to HealthReplies.com. We can understand the concern you feel.

First of all, we need to ask a few questions regarding your complaint. Does the discoloration of the head of the penis accompanied by pain and swelling? Does pus come out of the urinary hole? Are there any injuries to your penis? Have you ever had sex and have you ever changed sexual partners?

The complaint that you convey about the change in color to your penis may be a picture of inflammation that can be caused by several possibilities, such as infection, trauma, or other diseases. If the patient has a risk factor in the form of a history of risky sexual relations, inflammation that occurs does not rule out the possibility of sexually transmitted infections. Meanwhile, if the patient does not have these risk factors, inflammation may occur due to injury due to scratching or friction during masturbation, or other causes.

You are advised to check with a dermatologist and a specialist for proper evaluation and treatment as needed. The doctor will do anamnesis, physical examination, and supporting examinations (if necessary), for example: examination of urine and fluid coming out of the urinary hole (if any). At home, it is recommended that you maintain personal hygiene and take the following steps to avoid masturbation habits:

Routine exercise Doing hobbies in the form of positive activities Improving worship, for example fasting Thus our information. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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