Disease With Symptoms Of Increased Platelets And LEDs?

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Good afternoon doctor, I checked up a week ago and the platelet results were 494 while the referral value was 150-440, and the LED results were 33 referral values ​​0-20, total cholesterol 210 referral value u0026lt; 200, fasting gulkosa 250, after 2 hours 350 , blood pressure 200/130, 7 months already bleeding in the gums and rectum every bowel movement, I suffered hypotension for 18 years and diabetes for 5 years, what is dangerous my condition and whether follow-up treatment or whether I should check up kidney? Thank you in advance

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Platelets or pieces of blood are one of the elements of blood that play a role for blood clotting substances. High platelet counts are also referred to in medical as thrombocytosis. Platelet levels that are too high can be a sign of certain conditions for example:

Major postoperative recovery
Inflammation or inflammatory process
Excessive alcohol consumption
Hemolytic anemia
Iron deficiency anemia
Use of birth control pills
Live in the highlands

The most important thing to know is that too high platelet levels can increase the risk of blood clots. Where blood clots can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

LED stands for sedimentation rate of blood is an examination to assess the speed of red blood cells that settles in a tube expressed in units of mm / hour. An increase in LED can be caused by various conditions for example:

Inflammatory process
Autoimmune disease

Examination of cholesterol in the blood is to assess cholesterol levels in the blood where cholesterol consists of HDL and LDL cholesterol. Where HDL cholesterol is also called 'good fat', and LDL is 'bad fat'. Normal total cholesterol level is less than 200. If the cholesterol level is more than this value, it is also called hypercholesterolemia.

For your blood sugar value is also relatively high, usually with fasting blood sugar levels exceeding 250 it can be said of a diabetes mellitus (DM). DM is a chronic disease that is characterized by high sugar levels in the blood.

Normal blood pressure is recommended that is 120/80, blood pressure above 120/80 can be said to be hypertension. If your blood pressure is 200/130 then it is classified as hypertension, it can even be said as hypertension urgency or if there is an organ threat is called emergency hypertension. Where blood pressure is very high can be fatal because it can cause sudden strokes that can cause death. Therefore it is said urgency because it is a medical problem that requires immediate treatment.

If you have a medical condition, you should immediately consult a specialist in internal medicine. Because when you see from the examination that you give, the problem found is not an ordinary disease. This can be a chronic or long-standing process. These findings can be said to be a collection of symptoms called metabolic syndrome. Of course, it can endanger your health if it is not controlled.

In addition to seeing the results of the laboratory, your doctor needs to ask about your medical history beforehand, as well as a physical examination of your entire family directly and adjusted to the laboratory examination. The follow-up will be done in its entirety and requires a direct examination on you.

For example, to reduce the risk of blood clots which can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke doctors will usually give blood thinners. But before being given, of course, doctors need to check some further examinations. And for high blood sugar and cholesterol, medication should also be given so that blood sugar and cholesterol levels are normal. Given all these things can increase the risk and fatal complications such as heart attack and stroke that can cause sudden death.

And for hypertension, the steps taken are to look for the cause of the hypertension and then reduce it with the help of drugs. With very high blood pressure like you have, your doctor will usually recommend that you be hospitalized to monitor blood pressure and avoid uncomplicated complications.

Of course if you have these health problems, your doctor will also recommend checking kidney function. Where high blood sugar levels, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure are factors that can increase the risk of kidney damage or kidney failure. So when chronic kidney failure has occurred, then the therapy given will also be different and usually requires dialysis or kidney transplantation therapy depending on the level of damage to kidney function.

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