Illustration of Disease
Illustration: Disease

Doc what is the difference between viruses, bacteria and germs …

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Germs, viruses, and bacteria are terms that are often confused or misused. Knowing the meaning of each term can help us understand about things related to the term, such as certain diseases and how to handle it.

Germ or germ is basically a general term to describe a microscopic organism that can cause various types of diseases in humans. These organisms can be viruses, bacteria or parasites. Diseases caused by microscopic organisms are called infections.

Bacteria are microscopic organisms that have a single cell and can live anywhere. Bacteria consist of various species, and there are good bacteria needed by the human body, and there are also bacteria that can cause infectious diseases, such as typhoid fever, tuberculosis, or pneumonia. These diseases can be treated with a drug called antibiotics.

While viruses are microscopic organisms that have a much smaller size than bacteria and can only be seen using an electron microscope. Viruses usually cannot survive outside of a host or host, so they need a host to survive. Unlike bacteria which in some types are needed by humans as 'good bacteria', most of the viruses cause disease and can also mutate, such as influenza, bird flu, dengue fever, chicken pox, HIV / AIDS, herpes, and cold coughs. Most of the diseases caused by viruses are self-limiting or can heal by themselves, and usually this disease is treated by giving drugs that relieve the symptoms of the disease.

These diseases can be prevented by having a good immune system, which can be built with a good clean and healthy lifestyle. This includes meeting daily nutritional and water needs, maintaining a healthy body and environment, exercising regularly, avoiding smoking and alcohol, and managing stress well.

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