Diseases That Cause Vertigo?

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Hello. I want to ask. I have been suffering from vertigo since I was 10 years old (now I am 22). I last consulted with 3 of the nerves and 1 of the ENT (already X-ray of the jaw and neck too) because lately often recur so I could not wake up for several days. But the X-rays showed good results and blood checks too. The three doctors only said that they were “having balance disorders”, even though that was the definition of vertigo itself, wasn’t it? And suggest to practice brandt daroff only (which in my opinion is not too tasteful because the changes often recur). I asked if I didn’t need a CT scan to be sure. They say no need. But isn’t vertigo a symptom or effect of an illness? Then what am I sick?

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Hello Ilamanim, thank you for asking to HealthReplies.com.
Vertigo is a symptom of a balance disorder in which the sufferer feels the environment is spinning or floating.
Vertigo itself is divided into two, namely peripheral vertigo and central vertigo. Peripheral vertigo, is the type of vertigo most often experienced by people. Generally caused by disorders of the balance organ in the inner ear (its job is to tell the brain the position of the body and head for balance), if there is damage will arise dizziness and a feeling of spinning along with changes in position.
Peripheral vertigo itself can be caused by:
- BPPV (benign paroxysmal peripheral vertigo), generally with sudden changes in position (from sleep suddenly awake), and cause severe dizziness accompanied by vomiting. This condition is more vulnerable to people who have a history of ear surgery, head trauma, and ear infections. One hypothesis says that BPPV is caused by otoliths / hard structures in the semicircular canal in the inner ear, which one can try to exclude by using the epley-modification method and brandoff daroff.
head injury history
-Labirinitis is an infection of the structure of the inner ear, caused by viruses or bacteria
Meniere's disease is a rare disease, causing severe spinning dizziness, ringing in the ears and gradual hearing loss.
-vestibular neuritis: inflammation of the nerves that connect the inner ear and brain.

Whereas central vertigo is a disorder of the part of the brain that regulates balance. Can be caused by: migraines, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, strokes or blockages of blood vessels that supply the cerebellum.

It is recommended to carry out Brandt Daroff or Epley-modification regularly. This maneuver aims to remove / eliminate otolith debris in the semicircular canal in the inner ear described above. Indeed, this maneuver can actually trigger vertigo, therefore you should ask for help from others to help / assist when doing this maneuver. Various studies have shown improvement in symptoms in patients who routinely and painstakingly perform this maneuver for up to 4 weeks.
Have you done this maneuver correctly? Read the following link about the correct brandt daroff and epley-modification maneuvers. Along with the medication given by the doctor beforehand, do this maneuver 5 times in one session, two sessions per day for 4 weeks or up to 2 days free of symptoms of vertigo.

All of our suggestions and answers, hopefully useful, good afternoon.

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