Disgust And Hatred After Experiencing Sexual Violence?

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I want to ask. When I was 16 years old I was a victim of sexual violence and now I am already in the 19th and every time I have male friends then he talks to me about things related to sex I always feel disgusted and suddenly I immediately feel hate / hate with my male friends that even though he was just for fun, but I don’t know why it was so difficult for me to return to normal as usual, instead I immediately saw him as an enemy. And faithfully I tried it myself to watch videos related to sex at first I felt normal when I saw it, but soon my head was always sore and dizzy accompanied by nausea, whether I heard or saw it. Does this include trauma? Can I be cured?

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Hello Andhirta

Even though Andhirta has experienced sexual violence in the past, it is not a guarantee that the disgust and hatred you experience is the result of this incident. This is because a person's psychological problems are influenced by many factors, ranging from parenting, cultural and religious values, environment, education, and everything that happened in the past.

So it could be someone who has similar symptoms to you, but has never experienced sexual violence, this is because in their environment discussing sexual things is taboo. The psychological condition of a person is very complicated and complex, so a holistic examination is needed to be able to get more information which will later provide an overview of your condition. The examination includes a focused interview session, besides that a physical examination also needs to be carried out to ensure that the behavioral / psychological condition is not influenced by physical illness conditions.

Healing or not the mindset of sexual matters of course returns to Andhirta himself, while consulting with a psychologist and also a psychiatrist will certainly help change your perspective on this. Therefore, it is hoped that Andhirta can consult a clinical psychologist or doctor directly. So that a counseling session can be carried out regarding the complaints experienced by Andhirta at this time.

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