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Good morning. Earlier, my right thumb was dislocated because it held the body that was about to fall. Instantly the thumb is numb and the hands cannot be moved. But after a while (seconds) I feel the balance of the body began to disappear. No headaches but blurry eyes and buzzing ears and temporary hearing loss. It lasted not long. But to come back to hear clearly the ears like filled with unclear sounds. Is that reasonable? thank you

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The condition of pain in the thumb with numbness and hands can not be moved can be caused by excessive burden on the area used when leaning down. Complaints in the hand area can be caused by several possibilities, including:

Injury to tendons and ligaments in the hand area. Damage to the bone structure of the hand area, fractures / fractures. Emphasis on the nervous system in the hand area. Injury to the muscles in the hand area. Swelling in the joint area or collecting blood in the joint space of the hand. Open wound on the hand area. To know the condition of your hands well, it is advisable to go to the doctor for further examination and management, can be carried out in the form of X-ray investigations to ensure the condition of the bones. Temporarily avoid using activities with a painful hand, avoid lifting heavy loads by using a painful hand, avoid doing sorting / massage on the area of ​​the painful hand.

It should be noted also when falling if your head hit, if there is a collision on the head it is also necessary to examine the relevant area, especially if you faint. It is necessary to observe the emergency department and the possibility of imaging tests such as X-ray / CT Scan of the Head in accordance with the indication of the examination.

It is advisable to check with your doctor about your complaints for examination and optimal management for your condition.

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