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Hello, I want to tell you, I have allergies to cold, dust, or rub my nose when I feel itchy, it doesn’t sneeze right away, and it affects the eyes that feel itchy, and the ears that feel sick when you sneeze, because they don’t sneeze just once, but it doesn’t affect your eyes so it feels itchy, and your ears that hurt when you make a sneeze, many times until I’m tired of sneezing about sneezing it’s heavy, so until my ears feel clogged and buzzing for a long time, Rasany isn’t very comfortable … Well, what I want to ask isn’t it worse to make it worse? Then how do you handle it so that it doesn’t hurt when you sneeze?

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Wa alaikumsalam, love for asking in HealthReplies.com. The condition of sneezing many times without any sign that you have a certain disease such as fever, flu, viral infection, or dizziness, may be caused by two causes, namely allergic rhinitis or vasomotor / nonallergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis occurs when the sneezing condition is caused by a certain allergen, it can be dust, animal hair, pollen or cold air, and vasomotor rhinitis can occur even without a clear cause at all.

This condition is actually not dangerous, because it appears and disappears by itself without special handling. Treatment with a new doctor is needed if the complaint does not improve, has happened so often in a week, and over-the-counter medicines can no longer improve the complaint.

As for the pain, buzzing and dead-end feeling in the ear, this occurs because the ear, precisely the middle ear, is connected to the nasal cavity and oral cavity. That is why if a person feels his ears full or closed in the highlands, such as on a mountain or in a plane, the suggestion is to eat candy, swallow saliva or yawn to equalize the pressure between the ear and the oral cavity and nose. So to eliminate the pain, is not to sneeze too tight or not sneeze at all. So again, if you already feel disturbed and can not control your sneezing, you should check your condition with the ENT doctor, to find out more about his condition and see the possibility of other complaints.

In the meantime, try not to deliberately let out a strong sneeze, don't rub your eyes or rub your nose when you sneeze, and try to breathe outside when you sneeze, don't stay in a certain room. So, hopefully answering your question.

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