Distance Immunization 3 Weeks?

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, my baby was born October 7, 2018, BCG and Polio1 immunization on November 20, 2018 then on December 11, 2018 immunization can be combo and polio 2 so the distance is 3 weeks right. Today, January 4, 2019, I went to the posyandu, the posyandu midwife said that the immunization distance had to be a month, why was the immunization month less, even though I only followed the schedule given by the clinical midwife. Is this dangerous? My child only had a fever when he was able to yesterday, that was even a day, the rest he looked healthy, his hands and feet were also active.

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Before I want to confirm in advance, is the polio vaccine given on November 20 is the polio-0 vaccine or the polio-1 vaccine? The polio vaccine is the polio-0 vaccine if indeed after birth the baby has not been given the polio vaccine.

Basically the oral polio vaccine (OPV) and BCG are live vaccines. Two live vaccines must be given on the same day or if not given on the same day, they must be given at least 4 weeks apart. Giving DPT combos actually won't cause any problems at all and can still be considered valid. However, the second polio vaccine can be considered invalid because it is given less than 4 weeks from the previous vaccination. This is actually not dangerous at all for your baby's health, but the immune response that is formed against polio is not perfect. In such cases, you will usually be advised to re-vaccinate your child for polio. The polio vaccine given on December 11 was deemed absent.

You should consult directly with your pediatrician to schedule a revaccination for your child.

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