Distribution Of Muscle Injuries?

Illustration of Distribution Of Muscle Injuries?
Illustration: Distribution Of Muscle Injuries? researchgate.net

Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb Doc I want to ask, how do you identify the degree of muscle injury. To find out whether the injury is 1,2, or 3 degrees

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Muscle injury is a condition in which a muscle or ligament or tendon experiences a pull that is more than it should be received so that damage occurs usually caused by a heavy physical activity, such as running / jumping or an error during activities such as slipping / stepping / wrong heating. So that symptoms appear such as swelling, bruising, pain in the muscle area, difficulty in moving, spasms and muscles feel stiff.

Muscle injury can be divided into several levels, i.e.

- Minor injuries: damage to the muscle or tendon is only mild so that pain, especially when moved, so that only a few functional limitations. In this case there has been no decrease in strength or decreased joint motion. Swelling is only around the trauma site
- Moderate injury: muscle damage is broad enough so that the pain is more severe, especially when moved so that it starts to disrupt daily activities. The area of ​​joint movement is limited due to the presence of considerable swelling and bleeding. This affects the strength decreases.
- Severe injury: total damage to the muscles where pain is very severe because it is usually accompanied by nerve damage so that movement is very limited or no movement. Swelling is very large and strength will decrease completely

If you experience the following things can be done early help, namely the RICE method "Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation".

- Resting the muscles that are using it or keeping it stable in a few days, especially if the movement can trigger pain. The right amount of rest is about two days, then slowly can use the muscles again so it does not inhibit healing
- Compress with ice to reduce swelling by dressing ice with a cloth and then just attach the area around the trauma
- Press on the trauma area
- Raise the extremities for good blood flow

However, in the following conditions, you should immediately be taken to the hospital for further treatment to prevent worsening damage

Pain that does not subside after a week
The area becomes lacking in the ability to touch
The injured area is bleeding
Unable to walk
Unable to move arms and legs

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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