Disturbing Childhood Trauma.?

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Hello. I am black. I want to ask about my friend Muni, 19 years old. Since muni was around 9 years old, muni felt very scared of her mother. Every time the mother approaches the body, the muni is always reflex to deflect or protect the head. The reason is because the first munis often hit especially in the head. At first the trauma occurred since June 5th grade until the Muni family experienced problems and everyday Muni was just crying and running away from home. Muni cried by pulling her hair and struggling, and she cried for up to 3 hours. When muni makes a mistake or cries first, her mother often hits. His punch did not cause bruising, but it was quite hard. Furthermore, the trauma decreases. And muni tells me that the trauma disappeared until yesterday. Where his mother hit the head of the muni back using her hijab. Muni as usual spontaneously fend off and protect the head. But for this incident the muni fought back and spontaneously thought that she had to respond with a blow until the words came out “Do you want to hit me once? ” While clenching your fist, then crying wriggling. Did you experience psychiatric disorders? As a friend what should I do? And what should you do?

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to HealthReplies.com. We can understand the concern you feel.

Symptoms that occur in your friend do not rule out the possibility of psychiatric problems. Some possible psychiatric problems that can be related to the complaint include:

Post traumatic stress disorder (characterized by the presence of shadows or dreams about repeated traumatic events, accompanied by feelings of discomfort when remembering the event, resulting in hindaya in carrying out daily activities, taking place within a period of 6 months after severe traumatic events) Severe depressive episodes (symptoms include moods of sadness, loss of interest and pleasure, fatigue, reduced activity, decreased self-confidence, withdrawal from relationships, feeling guilty and useless, ideas for self-injury or suicide; the symptoms last for at least 2 weeks, the symptoms have made the patient unable to carry out work or social activities) Comprehensive anxiety disorder (excessive worries and anxiety, sometimes may be less realistic / logical, lasts throughout the day, can be accompanied by tension motor [headache, trembling], at least lasts for 6 bul an) It should be understood that the diagnosis of psychiatric problems can only be made after a direct evaluation by a doctor or psychiatric specialist. The doctor must first take an history of the history of complaints and associated biopsychosocial factors, physical examination, and supporting examinations if an indication is found. Therefore, it is recommended that your friend be consulted directly to a doctor or psychiatric specialist. Doctors can provide psychotherapy to help patients understand the impact arising from their behavior on themselves and the surrounding environment. Doctors can also provide drugs that can help overcome psychological disorders.

It is highly recommended that you can be a good and trusted listener if your friend tells you about a complaint that is felt. Support from the people closest is very helpful in the success of therapy. Thus information from us. May be useful.

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