Dizziness Accompanied By A Black Vision And A Seizure?

Illustration of Dizziness Accompanied By A Black Vision And A Seizure?
Illustration: Dizziness Accompanied By A Black Vision And A Seizure? cedars-sinai.org

Dear r n r nI am Randi, 25 years old man. I want to ask, last Monday I had a strange incident that I wanted to find an answer medically. R n That morning I felt quite healthy as usual, I took the exam on campus well, after finishing the questions I even had time to correct answers. that I wrote. About 2 minutes after correction, I semi-consciously left the classroom and walked to the toilet, about a few seconds outside of the classroom I felt dizzy and my vision turned black. I didn’t wake up for an hour either. When I realized, I was already at the campus clinic and my friends told me that in that 1 hour I looked conscious, had a chance to laugh, and even wanted to run from my friends’ grasp. For 1 hour I also had seizures while biting my lips and tongue until I injured. At the clinic I was not given medication because I was diagnosed with a panick attack. After 3 hours, I went to the hospital emergency room and was checked and could not find anything. I was only given headache medicine because my head hurt so much. Oh he, I wondered if maybe I was tired or lacking sleep considering I just came from out of town at the weekend and my sleep time was reduced. But 4 days have passed, I often feel dizzy and sometimes even feel almost fainting. What do doctors think? Thank you

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Hello good afternoon Randi.

The condition you are experiencing can be a symptom of several possible diseases:

epilepsy, is a neurological disorder (innervation) in the form of seizures due to impulse (communication) disorders of brain nerve cells. The diagnosis of epilepsy is mainly made if a person has experienced at least more than 1 seizure. During a seizure, the person with epilepsy is unconscious, usually eyes open, sometimes makes a sound or screams, wet the bed, after the seizure the person is generally unaware of what has happened and looks confused. amnesia dissociation disorders (fugu dissociation) disorders due to the consumption of certain drugs or substances etc.

In the medical world there is no such thing as trance or possession. In the medical world there is a condition of dissociative disorders, where this condition has symptoms similar to the phenomenon of trance. Dissociative disorders are complex conditions, which are a combination of the loss of connection or connection to a person's thoughts, memories, feelings, and identity. It is suspected that this disorder is triggered by many factors, namely severe trauma in the past. In addition there are other conditions that are also similar, namely amnesia dissociation. Amnesic dissociation occurs when a person blocks certain information (which is usually related to a traumatic event), which results in him being unable to remember important information in himself.

Meanwhile, a panic attack is a condition of sudden, high-intensity fear without any real cause. This condition comes without any initial signs and knows no time. The symptoms of this panic attack are:

excessive sweating, feeling tight and choking, feeling afraid of losing control and feeling like dying, feeling detached from the body and experiencing a situation that is not real. People who experience this attack are generally aware and remember what happened to them.

We recommend that you check with a neurologist (doctor SpS), especially if this continues to increase your concern. The doctor will do questions and answers regarding complaints, ask about your medical history, perform examinations, and suggest additional examinations if needed such as brain records (EEG), etc.

That's all, hope it helps.

Greetings, dr. Denisa

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