Dizziness Accompanied By Vomiting In Nursing Mothers?

Illustration of Dizziness Accompanied By Vomiting In Nursing Mothers?
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At noon, I want to ask what medicine is safe for consumption by a breastfeeding mother if she is suffering from dizziness (spinning vision) and has vomited approximately 6 times. I haven’t checked my tension yet because I’m worried about low blood pressure. r nPlease input, thank you.

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Dizziness accompanied by vomiting can be caused by various things. Dizziness can lead to vomiting, or because excessive vomiting can cause dizziness as a result of being dehydrated.

To deal with the dizziness and vomiting that you experience, you should not take the drug first because your condition is currently breastfeeding. While doing some handling at home as follows:

Take ORS according to the rules listed on the packaging. ORS replaces the body fluids lost when you vomit.

Lying down or sitting while you feel dizzy. Try to sleep in a dark, comfortable room.

Use relaxation techniques to reduce dizziness.

Consume warm ginger water / ginger candy to reduce nausea and vomiting.

Avoid driving in a dizzy state.

Avoid smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, drinking caffeine-containing beverages and smoking cigarettes.

The exact causes of dizziness and vomiting need to be known to provide appropriate treatment. A doctor who performs an in-person medical examination who must analyze your condition. The doctor will perform a thorough medical examination and if it is suspected that it is a serious condition. The doctor will advise you to perform supporting examinations such as blood tests, urine tests and abdominal ultrasound.

From the medical examination, the doctor will determine the cause and medical diagnosis and determine the appropriate treatment.

Read more about Dizziness in this HealthReplies.com article.

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