Dizziness After Caesarean Section?

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Good evening sir / mother doctor please help

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Hello Ilyanoor,

Thank you for the question.

Dizziness after a cesarean section is often a natural thing to happen due to the influence of the anesthetic used. Can also, this dizziness indicates hypotension, dehydration, anemia, lack of sleep, hypoglycemia, vertigo, electrolyte balance disorders, heart disorders, brain disorders, psychological disorders, infections, liver disorders, and many other possible causes. So, this condition is not always related to the cesarean section that you underwent before.

The dizziness you experience after the cesarean section may recur in your next labor, maybe not. This of course depends on the cause of dizziness, and the treatment you do to overcome them.

So that dizziness does not re-repeat, what should be done is:

Regular exercise, including during pregnancy (adjust the type of exercise during pregnancy according to doctor's recommendations)
Do not rest too much, be active, balanced with enough rest
Adequate and regular sleep, not too late at night
Not thinking about a problem excessively, increase relaxation
Stay away from alcohol
Eat more regularly, don't be late, drink enough
Make sure the food and drinks you consume contain balanced nutritional value
Do not carelessly take medicine without doctor's advice
When pregnant, control your pregnancy regularly to see a doctor

If dizziness does not improve with the steps above, you can consult a doctor or neurologist so that you are given the best treatment according to the cause.

I hope this helps.

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