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.. my family experienced a shift in the spine, when it was done the operation, but for 5 days I was still dizzy and nauseous, then the movement of the stomach was like shortness of breath. nIs it an anesthetic effect? What is the solution to relieve dizziness and start, while the patient is demanded to be able to sit down immediately. Thank you

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Hello Rudi

It is difficult to determine the exact condition of a person without conducting direct examination, because if the information provided by Rudi, there are many possibilities that could affect the patient's condition to be like that.

Dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, and feeling of movement in the stomach are symptoms that have not specifically led to a particular disease. For example, complaints of dizziness (the sensation of spinning / floating) can be caused by sleeping too much (because it is necessary to have complete rest), less (often patients have difficulty sleeping in the hospital room), vertigo, anemia, hypotension, and drug effects. Certain medications including the effects of anesthetics may be a consideration

Complaints of nausea and feeling of movement in the stomach can be caused by dizziness itself, or it could be due to gastrointestinal disorders such as stomach ulcers, side effects of drugs (such as pain medications), due to an empty stomach (not wanting to eat).

Although heartburn is classified as a digestive tract disorder, heartburn can also cause complaints of discomfort or even pain in the chest area, whereas there is actually no disturbance in the respiratory system. Apart from heartburn, complaints of discomfort in the chest area and difficulty breathing can also be caused by asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, etc.

However, all the possibilities above are of course still limited to possibilities, which may be different from the conditions experienced by your family. Consult this to the doctor who treats him, because he is the one who certainly understands the situation of your family much better, because he certainly has done a direct evaluation. Patients who have been lying down for a long time due to very weak or postoperative conditions are expected to be able to start sitting and if possible to gradually learn to walk and be more active, because if they are carried to sleep continuously it can actually cause dizziness, headaches, and body feels pain and aches

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