Dizziness, Body Limp And Chest Like Being Stabbed?

Illustration of Dizziness, Body Limp And Chest Like Being Stabbed?
Illustration: Dizziness, Body Limp And Chest Like Being Stabbed? Bing

I feel dizzy and her chest feels like being stabbed by Lena’s warm body. Then I scrape her body, the doctor, after two days, it comes out red on the back and chest until now it hasn’t gone away, what disease is it, doctor? Thank you, the menu is the answer

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Hi Hani

Complaints of dizziness, weakness, chest discomfort as if being stabbed can be caused by various things, one of which is stomach ulcers, namely a condition where the stomach is injured, it can be due to infection with H. Pylori bacteria or it could be due to excessive production of stomach acid due to consuming food. sour and spicy besides the habit of consuming certain classes of pain medications can trigger gastric ulcers. The heartburn caused can even resemble shortness of breath, this condition also reduces appetite and even makes it difficult to eat, eventually feeling weak and dizzy.

In addition to gastric ulcers that are also a consideration are:

Chest muscle pain, especially in those who like to do strenuous activities such as lifting heavy objects or doing sports that are quite extreme
celiac disease

As for the red spots or bumps on the back and chest after 2 days the complaint could be due to something related to the initial complaint, such as fever due to chickenpox, dengue fever and measles fever can cause red spots or spots on the skin. And it could also turn out that the skin disorder is another condition that happened 2 days later, such as impetigo, folliculitis, prickly heat, allergies, etc. It will be difficult, of course, to be able to determine a definite condition for your husband without doing an examination first, so motivate him to go to the doctor directly, with interviews and health checks, the information obtained is much more, maybe even quite specific information will be obtained. to establish a diagnosis (medical condition), which is very important in the provision of therapy or treatment.

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dr. Arnold

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