Dizziness, Dry Cough, Accompanied By Hot Chest?

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I was really scared because recently I felt symptoms like dizziness and cough but dry cough. My chest is also hot inside, I guess the cause and the disease. I’m afraid of getting HIV

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Dizziness, coughing, and heartburn are not really typical for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infection. In the early days of the disease, HIV infection often does not show any significant symptoms, but only resembles ordinary mild illnesses. Furthermore, symptoms of mild pain can seem to improve when the patient enters the window period. But indeed, this HIV virus infection, if not properly treated can make your immune system decrease dramatically, so you will get sick more easily, including illnesses that are marked by the symptoms that you are experiencing right now. In addition to being easily ill, people with severe HIV can also experience recurrent fungal infections, chronic diarrhea, fever and prolonged excessive sweating, weight loss dramatically, skin rashes, and so on. This HIV infection can only occur if you have previously had contact with other HIV sufferers' body fluids, for example when having sex or using the same syringe.

Complaints that you experience are more likely to occur due to respiratory infections, allergies, acid reflux, gastritis, heart problems, psychosomatic disorders, and so on. If you feel very disturbed by the complaint, it is more appropriate if you consult yourself directly to the doctor or specialist in internal medicine so that your condition can be handled properly. Also tell your doctor if you have previously carried out HIV risk behaviors. That way, the doctor can also direct you to undergo VCT (voluntary counseling and testing), so that diagnosis and treatment can be done earlier.

A little advice from us so that your complaint improves:

Multiply rest Don't consume excessive food or drinks cold, oily, and also contain artificial sweeteners Compress the chest that feels hot with warm water Exercise more diligently Don't smoke Expand drink warm water and fruits rich in vitamin C Hope it helps yes ..

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