Dizziness, Dry Throat, Runny Nose Whether The Symptoms Of Covid 19?

Hello doc, my name is Alvina, I’m 18 years old, now I have a dry, dizzy throat, a little cold sometimes u0026sup2; Can you tell me why, doc? Does it include one of the symptoms of Convid-19 ?? Thank you

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Hello Alvina Wulandari,

Corona virus disease (COVID-19) is a disease arising from SARS-CoV-2 virus infection (one of the newest types of corona virus). Someone who is sick with Covid-19 can feel the same symptoms with other respiratory infections (flu, acute rhinosinusitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia) or even other infections. Symptoms that occur in patients with Covid-19 are:

Fever> 38 degrees celcisus (> 80 percent of Covid-19 patients have this symptom)
Excessive tiredness
Sore throat
Out of breath

The incubation period is around 5-6 days with the longest period being 14 days, from the time you are infected to symptoms. It is not enough to distinguish Covid-19 from other infectious diseases only by clinical symptoms. Supporting airway swab examinations is needed which is then examined by RT-PCR technique to confirm Covid-19. If you have a history of traveling or domicile in areas with local transmission covid-19 (can be seen on the distribution map on the official websites of the local government) or you have had close contact with patients who are positive for Covid-19 or suspected Covid-19, please call the hotline 119 ext 9 or 112 or the hotline number provided by the local government to get further inspection directions.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus is suspected to be transmitted through:

Droplet cough / sneeze / breathe inhaled / inhaled patients. Droplets generally can only be delivered by air no more than 1 meter and will then fall into nearby objects.
Contamination of objects with a droplet that contains a virus, then you hold it with your hands, then your hands touch the nasal mucosa, mouth, or eye.

Based on the way of transmission so the prevention of the spread of Covid-19 disease that can be done is:

Mandatory isolation diribila You have symptoms of fever or one of the symptoms of the respiratory tract.
If you are healthy, limit your activities in public places / crowds and practice social distancing. This aims to keep you from becoming infected and if you enter an asymptomatic case so as not to infect others, especially high risk groups such as the elderly, people with chronic diseases and disorders body immunity. The high-risk group has a risk of experiencing severe symptoms and a high risk of death from Covid-19 disease.

Wash your hands often with running water and soap or with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer solution

Do not touch the face area (nose, mouth, eyes) with hands that have not been cleaned
Do the correct cough ethic

Wear a mask if you are sick (including at home so as not to infect other family members) or travel to public places
Apply clean and healthy behavior

This disease is self limiting disease, which means it can heal itself with our body's immunity. However, in high-risk groups, there is a possibility of falling into severe respiratory distress conditions, systemic infections, organ failure in the course of the disease. Patients with this condition are the main priority that requires intensive medical care.

For the time being it is not advisable to go directly to a health facility if your symptoms are mild or there is no emergency. If the symptoms are severe or there is an emergency please come to the health facility by paying attention to the following points:

Use a mask
No public transportation
Do not touch the face area with unclean hands
Wash your hands often

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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