Dizziness, Feels Floating Accompanied By The Body Hot And Cold When Blood Pressure Is High?

Illustration of Dizziness, Feels Floating Accompanied By The Body Hot And Cold When Blood Pressure Is High?
Illustration: Dizziness, Feels Floating Accompanied By The Body Hot And Cold When Blood Pressure Is High? healthline.com

, my mother yesterday was 147/77 in tension when sitting and 160/82 when lying down. It has been 3 weeks since my mother was discharged from the hospital due to hypertension, but her weight has not decreased ”. My mother often felt floated. Suddenly my mother was hot and cold. I wonder why? thank you

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There are many factors that affect a person's blood pressure (tension), such as salt intake, age factors (where the elderly tend to experience hypertension), heredity, obesity (overweight), lack of exercise or physical activity, and smoking habits. Besides hypertension can also be caused due to other health problems such as kidney disorders, being pregnant, narcotics and illicit drug use, side effects of drugs (such as heat loss drugs, birth control pills, pain medications, cold cough medicines)

That those who have hypertension can not rely on drugs given by doctors, patients need to change their lifestyle and lifestyle towards a healthier way to reduce blood pressure that is too high.

Because if high blood pressure does not get treated properly it will potentially cause new health problems such as heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney disorders, and damage to other body organs.

Complaints in the form of a floating sensation could be due to the condition of blood pressure that is still not well controlled, so that the supply of oxygen and nutrients for brain tissue is reduced so that eventually arises the complaint. However, it does not rule out the possibility that the sensation of hovering is caused by health problems that are not necessarily directly related to hypertension, such as vertigo, anemia, being too late to eat / fasting, dehydration, etc. So that means there are two or more health problems that occur together at this time, for example being experiencing hypertension and anemia at the same time.

Obviously a direct examination of your mother is needed, so that it can be ascertained whether it is true that the sensation of floating sensation is related to the condition of hypetension or is caused by other health problems, the doctor needs to conduct a direct interview of your mother's health history and also conduct a physical examination to ensure there are no complications and also determine the appropriate treatment plan.

The healthy lifestyle that is recommended for those who have hypetension conditions is

Reduce salt intake, so that as much as possible when cooking should only use very little salt, and also avoid a variety of salty and savory foods because generally have a high enough salt content, conothnya meatballs, chicken noodles, soto, chips, etc. Eat regularly 3 times a day, so don't make it a habit to not eat breakfast or delay lunch, or not to eat dinner \ Perform physical activity routinely, in the initial phase you should do sports like gymnastics or jogging, you should avoid immediately doing strenuous exercise if previously you were not accustomed to doing sports Control routine to the doctor, be it a general practitioner (if the hypertension is not accompanied by complications or organ disorders), and if there are known complications or complicating factors, then you should control to a cardiologist or internal medicine

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