Dizziness, Fever And Shortness Of Breath Are Corona Symptoms?

hello doc, my name is Febi ferliantina I am 18 years old I sometimes experience dizziness and my body warms up, sometimes I cough but only a few times not often, and I sometimes experience shortness of breath not heavy, I can still talk when breathing but it’s a bit tight. the condition of my body that warms up and has a headache often happens in the afternoon I feel anxious with my symptoms doc because covid 19 is rampant everywhere. thanks for your attention i beg for your help doc

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Hello Febi Ferliantina,

Complaints of dizziness and cough are very common complaints, can accompany all types of diseases, especially respiratory diseases from cold mulaicommon, flu, bronchitis, including Covid-19.

Covid-19 (corona virus disease) is a disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus infection. This virus will mainly cause interference with the respiratory tract. In people with high risk such as the elderly, people with chronic diseases, and people with low immune conditions (due to an illness or treatment) can experience severe symptoms such as severe pneumonia, respiratory distress to require ventilators, systemic infections, organ failure, up to Dead. In young and healthy people, SARS-CoV-2 infection can not cause any symptoms or is very mild.

The most common symptoms of Covid-19 are:

 Fever> 38 degrees Celsius measured with a thermometer Continuous cough Sore throat Colds Shortness of breath Signs of pneumonia We cannot distinguish Covid-19 from other diseases without confirmation of supporting examination that is RT-PCR samples of respiratory tract swabs. However, not all patients require this examination. Because of the limitations of the laboratory being able to examine; examining staff; so swab checking is prioritized for those who:

 Fever> 38 degrees Celsius or a history of fever> 38 degrees Celsius OR One of the symptoms: cough / runny nose / sore throat AND no other cause in accordance with clinical symptoms AND Traveling to the area or domiciled in the area with local transmission (in the last 14 days) OR A history of close contact with patients who are now positive for Covid-19 or suspected Covid-19 (in the last 14 days) Patients with the above criteria enter Insider Monitoring (suspect) which means they must isolate themselves at home, for at least 14 days, then contact hotline 119 ext 9 or 112 or other Covid-19 hotline numbers that have been set by the local government to then take samples from your body to be examined. If the results are positive, you will be contacted again and picked up for isolation at the hospital.

The nature of this disease is actually self-limiting which means it can heal itself because of the immunity of our body without specific treatment. However, in some people, severe symptoms can occur that require medical treatment in accordance with the symptoms that appear.

This virus is transmitted through cough / sneezing / breathing droplets that can reach 1-2 meters inhaled or contaminated with droplets containing the infected virus, then you touch with your hands, and your hands touch the nose, mouth, your eyes. It is true that this disease is running rampant, therefore everyone must participate to break the chain of transmission, by:

 Self-isolation / not leaving the house for at least 14 days Avoid traveling, especially in a crowd if it is not necessary Social distancing - give a minimum distance of 1-2 meters with others Use a mask if coughing / runny nose OR if there is none, then when coughing cover nose and mouth with tissue then discard then wash hands with running water and soap OR cough using the inside of the arm - fold the elbows Diligently wash hands with running water and soap OR with alcohol-based hand sanitizers Apply clean and healthy living behavior (PHBS) Monitor info about Covid-19 from official sites (avoiding hoaxes) If you are not seriously ill, temporarily avoid going to a health facility (to prevent contracting), please take OTC medicines (over the counter over the counter) to relieve your symptoms. Pay attention to the instructions for use and contraindications to the use of drugs. If symptoms are severe or there is a medical emergency please come to a health facility by: Using a mask Not taking public transportation Not crowding Diligent washing your hands Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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