Dizziness, Fever, Headache, And Body Aches?

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Doctor, Monday, March 19th yesterday. When I was at school I had a very painful headache, body aches and weakness all over my body so I couldn’t walk.. when I went to the nearest clinic, they said I was suffering from dehydration and sore throat. I was advised to take an infusion but it wasn’t mandatory, in the end I was only given medicine for dizziness, cough, inflammation and vitamins with minerals… after I rested at home and took medicine, I recovered around Thursday and Friday I returned to my activities and school as usualr nrnAfter that, Monday, March 26th, I experienced a weak body again but it was not too weak and I could still walk, then Tuesday morning I had pain in the left side of my neck, I thought it was just normal soreness, then after the midday prayer , I just realized that my body is a little hot and it turns out that my left neck is swollen and the pain gets worse around 1 o’clock my fever is getting higher, because the weather is also rainy and cold.. then when I plg I was given the wrong pillow and told to apply compresses cold water, thank God the fever has started to go down, but now what I still feel is severe dizziness until it hurts so much and my feet are getting cold and numb Also the left side of the neck hurts a lot.

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Dizziness, fever, headache, and body aches are some of the complaints that often arise in erratic weather conditions (sometimes raining and sometimes hot). These extreme weather factors can cause physiological disturbances to a decrease in body resistance. When the immune system decreases, infections, especially viral infections, can easily occur. Especially if you also don't maintain a healthy nutritional intake on a regular basis, don't drink enough, and don't get enough rest, your body will be more susceptible to disease.

The infection can affect any part of the body, including the throat. If at a previous doctor's examination you were declared strep throat, maybe that was the beginning of the cause of all the complaints. Headaches with neck tension or swelling may be due to the wrong sleeping position, as the doctor who examined you said.

It is difficult to determine the cause of your complaints without being examined in person. The best advice is to go back to the doctor, if the complaints are still there. If you are feeling better now but you still feel dizzy from time to time, you may be recovering and need more time to rest. During this healing period, help the process with healthy nutrition, complete with vegetables and fruit. Maintain hydration status by drinking more water, first avoid coffee or other caffeinated drinks. Dizziness can also appear due to interactions with gadgets, laptops, and TVs. Therefore, first rest yourself from contact with these tools.

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