Dizziness, Nausea, Fever And Accompanied By A Decrease In White Blood Cell Levels?

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Good night, almost a month my friend is sick. Complaints of dizziness, nausea, fever that fluctuate. Several times a blood test with a different diagnosis (first diagnosis of infection, then types) but also not cured. Until it has been treated (results of diagnostic types) but after PLG, I felt the same complaint until now. Finally, the blood test value of the WBC is 325. Please help you pretentious, because now it has affected your appetite and the body is always weak. My friend doesn’t consume rice. During this time he consumed noodles. R nThank you.

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Hi Khamilah,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Dizziness, nausea, fever up and down, weakness, and decreased appetite are many possible causes. If this condition appears accompanied by a decrease in the level of white blood cells (leukopenia), then the possibility of this condition is caused by:

Viral infections that affect the work of the spinal cord (often temporary and will improve after the infection is resolved), such as HIV
Congenital abnormalities are associated with decreased spinal cord function, such as myelokateksis
Cancer or other conditions that damage the spinal cord, such as leukemia, myelodisplastic syndrome, aplastic anemia
Autoimmune disorders that damage white blood cells or cells in the spinal cord, such as hypersplenism, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis
Severe infections that cause massive use of white blood cells exceeds the speed of production, for example tuberculosis
Sarcoidosis (a buildup of inflammatory cells in the body), and so on

In addition to the conditions above, side effects of drugs (for example antibiotics), chemotherapy, or radiotherapy can also make the level of white blood cells decrease.

Based only on the short information as you mentioned, it is difficult for us to identify exactly what triggered the complaints. Noodle consumption may not be directly related to the disease. However, consuming too much noodles can make your colleague's nutritional needs not met properly so that makes it vulnerable to leukopenia and other diseases.

Our advice, you consult directly with a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine who treats your colleague. Not just an ordinary blood test, doctors can also carry out further examinations, for example spinal cord smear, and so on to determine the possible cause of the complaint while providing appropriate treatment. Depending on the cause, the condition of your colleague can be handled in a variety of ways, starting with the administration of several types of drugs, setting dietary patterns, lifestyle modifications, and so on.

In the meantime, he can do the following suggestions first:

Eat foods with a balanced nutritional content, also balance with consuming lots of fruits and vegetables
Enough rest
Diligent in exercising
Protect yourself from infections, for example by maintaining good personal hygiene, not making close contact with other infectious infection sufferers, less traveling to public places first
Do not consume drugs carelessly

Hope this helps ...

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