Dizziness, No Appetite, Stomach Aches And Menstruation Is Not Smooth?

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I want to ask, why does my stomach bring pain and sometimes it is also left above, up to the waist also hurts, often with dizziness and nausea and easily tired, no appetite, and I last menstruation at the end of December. Explanation please?

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Hello Indah, thank you for consulting us on HealthReplies.com.

The stomach is the source of complaints most often submitted by patients, because in the abdominal cavity there are several important organs, where in the abdominal cavity there is a digestive system, urinary system and also the reproductive system. However, each part of the stomach represents some of these important organs.

The upper left abdomen is where the stomach, limb, pancreas and part of the liver are located. So if there is discomfort or pain in this section there is a high possibility of interference with these organs. Like disorders due to stomach acid, or peptic ulcers, the pancreas or spleen disorders. Dizziness, nausea and vomiting are common symptoms that do not usually stand alone. If the complaint is accompanied by a moderate fever or high fever it is usually caused by an infection entering the body, but if it is not possible there is indeed a disturbance in your digestive system.

Disorders of the digestive system certainly cause absorption of food juices by the intestinal fili to be not optimal, so it is very likely to cause the body to limp and appear dizzy because the food juices are not properly fulfilled for the body. Besides digestive system disorders or often in the stomach which is usually caused by stomach acid or ulcers / ulcers in the stomach can really trigger nausea to vomiting. Of course if nausea symptoms appear then the appetite will greatly decrease.

Disrupted menstruation can be caused by several things, such as:

the existence of disorders of the reproductive organs
hormone disorders

To ascertain whether there is a relationship between menstruation that is not smooth with the condition of your stomach, of course this can only be proven by conducting a physical examination on your body, in addition to a complete medical interview examination. Therefore we strongly encourage you to consult directly with your doctor so that you undergo a complete examination. If the examination of medical interviews, and physical examination is felt less to establish the possibility of interference with your body, then an additional examination can be done by a doctor in the form of laboratory tests, or an ultrasound examination.

All you need to do in the meantime to deal with your tired and nauseous complaints, you should do a few simple steps such as:

Get enough rest
Avoid stressors that can make you stress / depressed
Eat small amounts of food but often to avoid nausea
If you are very nauseous, then you can try foods such as oatmeal, watermelon, bananas, or brewing ginger that is taken warm.
Do light exercise to keep your body fit.

Thus we can convey, hopefully our explanation is useful for you.


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