Dizziness, Shortness Of Breath, Stomach In The Lower Part Of The Pain, Etc.

Illustration of Dizziness, Shortness Of Breath, Stomach In The Lower Part Of The Pain, Etc.
Illustration: Dizziness, Shortness Of Breath, Stomach In The Lower Part Of The Pain, Etc.

Hello doc, I’m sorry, I want to ask why lately I often feel dizzy, shortness of breath, heart throbbing, my lower abdomen hurts, I always feel hot, and finally sweat, and from that sweat my body feels itchy, Why is that, doc? And what should I do doc ?? Thank you 🙏

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Hello melmel

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keluahn you experience so many possible causes and must be examined directly by a doctor, there are several possible causes that you experience between:

Stomach acid disease
Urinary tract infection
anxiety anxiety
psychosomatic disorders

complaints of sweating that you experience can be caused by the above causes, because pain and anxiety make excessive sweating that causes itching on the body due to sweat can arguably cause prickly heat and can also be caused by an allergy to sweat called Croinergic urticaria is an allergic reaction appears when body temperature rises and begins to sweat.

if this is very disturbing to you and does not improve in a few days you can immediately consult the nearest doctor to conduct an examination so that the doctor can provide proper handling. previously the doctor will conduct examinations such as question and answer, physical examination and additional examinations if needed such as blood checks, photographs rongen, ECG or ultrasound if everything is within normal limits maybe you can be consulted to the psychiatrist doctor to do the examination and solutions or the handling of complaints that you experience .

You can do a number of things to reduce your complaints:

Get enough rest
Drink 2L of water per day
Avoid eating spicy, coconut milk and sour foods
Avoid consuming caffeine such as coffee and tea
Stop smoking and don't try to smoke
Exercise regularly
Do not consume alcohol
Controlling stress and anxiety you can do yoga, meditation or relaxation
If the pain is unbearable, you can take Paracetamol to relieve it.
You can also try taking a stomach medicine like anatsida if there are less complaints, it might be caused by your stomach disease
To reduce itching, it is better when you sweat immediately wipe your sweat
Use clothes that are soft and made from thin
Keep the room air is not too hot

Thus the info I can give

hopefully can help you

thank you

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