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Does dizziness only occur when eating? Dizziness that only occurs when eating can be affected by excessive consumption of MSG, preservative foods, foods containing tyramine (cheese, processed meats, canned foods, chocolate, raisins), colored foods, caffeine-containing foods, and the temperature of the food is too cold.

However, if dizziness is also felt at other times, it is necessary to think about other causes as well. Some of the causes of dizziness include:

Hypoglycemia: decrease in blood sugar, for example when a person eats late Anemia Hypotension Dehydration Vertigo Disorders of the eye Disturbances in the balance system Dizziness that accompanies fever complaints For now you can try the following tips to reduce dizziness:

Consumption of healthy and nutritious foods Reduce colored, preservative, MSG-containing foods, canned foods, foods that are too cold, and those containing caffeine Eat slowly Eat little but often drink lots of water 2-3 liters / day Try not to eat late enough Get enough rest Exercise regularly Do not move suddenly Try not to get stressed. If by doing the tips above, complaints of dizziness are still repeated every time you eat, you should check with your doctor directly so you can ascertain the cause. The doctor may conduct an interview, a physical examination, and if necessary investigations with blood tests, X-rays, and CT scans. After the cause is confirmed, the doctor will provide more optimal treatment for you.

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