Dizziness When Exposed To Smoke?

Good afternoon. I am Rohmah 20 years old. Every time I pass by or sit with someone who is smoking, the smell of cigarette smoke, vehicles, or smoke such as burnt satay immediately dizzy next (migraine) and a long time of disappearance

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Hello Rohmah, thank you for using the HealthReplies.com service.

Dizziness and headaches when inhaling smoke can be an early sign of carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms. Smoke is the result of incomplete combustion contained in the air. In general, smoke contains carbon monoxide (CO) gas which can be inhaled and easily absorbed into the lungs because compared to oxygen, CO is more easily bound to red blood cells, causing the body's tissues to become depleted of oxygen supply and can cause complaints in the form of headache, oause, nausea, vomiting, vomiting , shortness of breath, blurred eyes, can even cause a decrease in consciousness.

What you experience is a normal bodily reaction to foreign matter. If CO levels are not absorbed too much into the lungs, usually the complaint can disappear by itself. However, if the complaint lasts a long time, I suggest you to see yourself to a general practitioner or a specialist in internal medicine in order to do a thorough examination such as questions and answers, physical examination, and additional laboratory tests of blood if necessary so that treatment can be given according to the diagnosis You.

As for things you can do right now to reduce your complaints:

- Use a mask when traveling to an outdoor area to prevent a lot of smoke inhaled into the lungs

- Open a window or vent when you're burning something in the room

- Avoid or stay away from people who are smoking

- If the head is still in pain, may take paracetamol painkillers with the dose listed on the drug packaging

- Get plenty of rest, and regular exercise to improve your blood circulation

- Eat nutritious food

If you find any of the following signs, I advise you to immediately check yourself at the nearest health facility:

- Vomiting gets worse

- Headache does not improve after taking anti-pain medication

- Blurred vision

- passed out

- Convulsions

- Chest pain

- Hard to breathe

Such information that I can provide, hopefully can help you

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