Dizziness When Standing For More Than 15 Minutes?

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I have asked various doctors in my area, Ciamis. But the solution is still not satisfactory. I’ve never been strong since elementary school to stand for long. More than 15 minutes or more than 20 minutes I must be dizzy. Like gastritis even though you have eaten. Every morning ceremony, I always go to UKS before the ceremony is over. This continued until I plunged into the world of work. I feel disturbed. Is it just exercise, eating, and drinking regularly to overcome this? I think I’m still like this even though I’ve done these 3 things. What else should be done? I don’t want to depend on the world of sitting office work. Because right now I am forced to work in a workplace that requires me to stand long and to and fro. Please answer the doctor so I don’t stress about this kind of thing. Thank you.

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good Anna,

dizziness is a term that is widely used to describe the condition of a person whose balance is disturbed, but often does not explain the condition in detail. Dizziness can mean dizziness where a person feels a sense of staggering like being in a boat, or it can also mean vertigo where a person feels a spinning sensation, as if the surrounding environment is moving around him. Dizziness in your case, more reflects the condition of dizziness, which can be affected by a lack of energy intake in a person's balance center, which can be caused by many things such as:

low blood pressure blood collects in the lower legs during the ceremony, so that backflow to the brain decreases lack of fluids lack of blood sugar lack of oxygen in the surrounding environment Prolonged standing conditions that cause pooling of blood in the legs can be overcome by stretching the legs by bending them backwards occasionally, so that the muscles contract and can "squeeze" the blood back into the heart and pump it to the brain. In addition, ensure adequate fluid and nutrition before starting daily activities. Regular exercise at least 3 times a week with a long duration of 45 minutes can usually help train the heart. However, if the condition does not improve with an improved lifestyle, it is important for you to see a doctor. Here we attach an article about low blood pressure. Hope it is useful.

dr. N. K. Arief

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