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If you have a headache, why? Every day. After taking the medicine it’s gone. Continue to get sick again?

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Hello Assyifatu,

Thank you for the question.

Dizziness can refer to a variety of conditions, namely kliyengan, headache, head feels heavy, twitching, spinning, and so on. Need to be clarified, what kind of dizziness do you feel?

Most dizziness arises because of mild factors, such as lack of sleep, fatigue, stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle. But it can also, dizziness arises because of an illness, for example hypotension, anemia, dehydration, vertigo, head injuries, brain tumors, hypoglycemia, infections, dyspepsia, heart disorders, hormonal disorders, metabolic disorders, migraines, psychological disorders, drug effects, and so on .

This dizziness needs to be treated differently depending on the cause and severity. Determination of the causes and severity of dizziness is ideally done by direct doctor's examination. It's just that, responding to the outbreak of COVID-19 at this time, you are advised to just see a doctor during an emergency in order to minimize your risk of contracting the disease. Therefore, it is safer for you to do it first:

Sleep early and regularly
Discipline to exercise every day
Don't eat too late
Calm your heart and mind
If the head feels heavy or painful, take paracetamol first

This dizziness can be seen by a doctor or neurologist if it does not improve for a long time, or appears accompanied by severe vomiting, fever for more than 3 days, stiff neck, mental confusion, loss of consciousness, shortness of breath, and other more severe complaints.

Hope this helps ...

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