Dizzy After An Accident?

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hi, i had an accident 4 weeks ago, with a sewing wound on the lips, front teeth broken then swollen on the left head

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Thank you for the question.

Dizziness after an accident may arise related to a hard impact on the head that occurred during the accident, for example due to a fracture in the head bone or bleeding in the skull. But it could also, actually this dizziness arises due to other causes, such as vertigo, anemia, hypotension, lack of sleep, hypoglycemia, infections, brain tumors, dyspepsia, psychic disorders, heart disorders, and so on.

This dizziness should be wary of dangerous if it appears with great intensity, accompanied by vomiting, loss of balance, dark vision, stiff neck, convulsions, memory problems, fever, or other more severe complaints. If not, presumably you can be more calm, and first do the following tips:

 Be careful and slowly change your body position right now Get enough and regular sleep Don't delay your meal time, vary your type of food everyday Drink 2-3 liters of water a day Stay away from alcohol Don't take any drugs Regularly exercise at least 30 minutes a day Not only do dangerous activities by yourself Don't be too sad, anxious, especially to stress. However, if with the efforts above your complaint still does not improve, try to check yourself directly to the doctor. If you suspect that your condition is serious, your doctor may also recommend that you undergo further tests (such as x-rays, CT scans, MRI, or laboratory tests) and even refer you to the right specialist doctor such as a neurologist).

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