Dizzy After Lying Down For A Long Time?

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Greetings Healthy, Don I want to ask, my husband is undergoing healing broken bones which requires my husband to lie down for 1 month, when it has improved with the condition of the bones then my husband has been invited to sit, but if sitting often feels dizzy, how to deal with dizziness caused by lying down for long? thank you

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Hi Ria,

Is dizziness only felt when changing positions? Complaints of dizziness when sitting can be caused by orthostatic hypotension. This condition is a decrease in blood pressure when there is a change in position, especially when lying down to sit or stand.

But in addition to orthostatic hypotension, complaints of dizziness can also be caused by several other conditions, including anemia, dehydration, hypoglycemia, vertigo, neurological disorders, side effects of some types of drugs, heart problems, and anxiety disorders.

Is your husband currently taking certain medications? When was the last husband in control of the doctor who took care? To ascertain the cause of the dizziness, I suggest that your husband first take control with the doctor who treats him so that an evaluation of the cause of the dizziness can be done. If necessary, the doctor may be able to carry out additional examinations such as blood tests or heart records to help determine the cause. Then the doctor can give your husband more appropriate follow-up treatment.

Where is the fracture position? While waiting for control, your husband should not make sudden movements. If you want to sit, try to sit slowly and can be backrested or helped first. Give healthy and nutritious food and try not to eat too late and meet daily fluid needs.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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