Dizzy Head Spins After Drinking 1 Glass Of Lime?

I see on this page also it says oranges don’t make blood pressure drop, but when I drink 1 glass of lime a few minutes later I really feel dizzy (spin around)? please explain

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Hello Alfa Ed, thank you for asking.

As in the article you are reading, lime has nothing to do with low blood pressure and the spinning sensation you feel. Lime like any other fruit, contains vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The thing you have to understand is, not all dizziness is caused by a decrease in blood pressure.

Some conditions that can cause spinning dizziness are:

Hypoglycemia or low blood glucose levels. Dehydration. Anemia. Especially moderate and severe anemia that lasts chronic. Middle ear and inner ear infections. Peripheral vertigo, which is caused by disorders of the inner ear balance tool. Central vertigo, which is caused by impaired central balance in the brain. Disorders of the structure of the spinal cord or spinal cord in the neck region. Alcohol effect. The effect of certain drugs. As you can examine, there are many reasons that might cause dizzy symptoms. You should consult with a neurologist to get a complete examination. The doctor may perform a balance check, blood tests in the lab, X-rays, or if necessary CT-scan or MRI.

Thus our brief review, hopefully you get the benefits. Regards.

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