Dizzy In The Eyes Of The Cylinder?

Illustration of Dizzy In The Eyes Of The Cylinder?
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Do sufferers of cylindrical eye with no axis 0 u0026deg; is it getting dizzy or not? And if the axis is 60 u0026deg; what that means

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Hello Hanifa,

There is an eye refraction disorder called astigmatism. Astigmatism is a refraction disorder in which light is aligned from the object by the eye without refracting accommodation not to be a focal point in the retina so that the patient does not clearly see the object. Astigmatism can occur due to irregular corneal curvature or when there is a problem with the lens in the eye.

Astigmatism can be diagnosed from the following tests:

Sharp examination of vision and refraction During a refraction examination, the examiner will pair various trial lenses so that the patient can read the object (usually a letter chart) at a certain distance clearly. Cylindrical lenses for astigmatism can be cylindrical (+) or (-) lenses. Axis is the degree of the meridian plane between 1-180o where later cylindrical lenses will be added to the correction lens of the glasses. The 0o axis is generally the same writing for 180o. Determination of the axis is assisted by a black striped arc fan to compare the blackness of the color of the line seen by the patient which is then adjusted by the placement of the lens in the trial lens frame until all the lines appear the same black.

Keratometry: a tool to measure corneal curvature

Astigmatism can be handled by:

Glasses with cylindrical lenses: the appropriate prescription glasses are obtained from the results of the refraction examination and the correct refraction correction. The use of new glasses for 1-2 days requires adaptation by the eyes, sometimes causing dizziness, but gradually decreases when glasses are worn regularly. However, if the dizziness does not diminish after 3 days, you should double-check your eyes and confirm the results of the examination and the lens size of the glasses are correct or not.
Toric contact lenses
Orthokeratology: administration of rigid lenses to modify the patient's corneal shape
Corneal refractive surgery, for example LASIK

Consultation and further examination regarding your eye health can be done with an eye specialist. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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