Dizzy Kliyengan, Easily Tired, Often Sleepy, Nausea, And Bitter Mouth?

Hello, I’m 39 then I want to ask if my blood pressure is 80/100, it’s normal or high, I’ve been shaking this week, at the beginning of last week I was like vertigo … until now I get dizzy and get tired and sleepy quickly, I have chronic gastritis, if you have a headache accompanied by nausea, your mouth is a little bitter, usually if you have an upset stomach and only feel dizzy, but now you are bitter, you have a headache … why do you act like you have something to do with pregnancy? Actually, I was late for one week but I didn’t check I was pregnant or not, what was the connection? Thank you

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Hello dinni,

Thank you for the question.

Normal blood pressure is in the range of 90/60 to 120/80 mmHg, ie with a higher systolic value than the diastolic. So, it needs to be clarified first, what is your exact blood pressure, is it 100/80 mmHg, is it 180/100 mmHg, or how much?

Dizzy kliyengan, easily tired, often sleepy, nausea, and bitter mouth, in addition can occur due to the influence of abnormal blood pressure (hypertension or hypotension), it can indeed indicate that you are pregnant. However, it also needs to be understood, that in addition to these conditions, various complaints can also arise due to anemia, hypoglycemia, gastritis, Crohn's disease, viral or bacterial infections, metabolic disorders, dehydration, psychological disorders, hormonal disorders, vertigo, etc. . Any late menstruation, besides being pregnant, can occur because the body experiences stress due to various conditions above.

To be clear, Anca can try doing a testpack first as an initial effort. Not only that, your complaints can also be relieved first by sleeping early and regularly, eat small portions but often, reduce eating and drinking first that triggers nausea (for example sauce, chili sauce, coconut milk, coffee, tea, soda, fried foods, fibrous vegetables tall, sour fruit), don't over-think, drink more warm water, gargle with salt solution, exercise diligently, and don't also take medicine carelessly.

However, if the results of the testpack are doubtful, or if the complaint does not improve after undergoing the above trick, consult your doctor immediately for a more in-depth evaluation. If it's true that pregnancy triggers your complaints, you can also later be referred to an obstetrician.

Hope this helps ...

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