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, so two days ago I had a fever accompanied by the flu, then coughed. But I still feel dizzy… It’s like spinning like I’ve finished riding a merry-go-round, is this a symptom of fertigo or what?

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Hi Flynzy.. Thank you for the questions given.

Dizziness is often described as a sensation of being dizzy, as if you were going to pass out, or feeling as if your surroundings were spinning. Things that can cause dizziness include:

Low blood pressure/ hypotension Vertigo Anemia Dehydration/ lack of body fluids Low blood sugar/ hypoglycemia Vertigo gives a sensation like the environment is spinning or we feel that we are spinning. Accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sweating, dizziness, or impaired eye movement. The causes: changes in certain head positions, migraines, inner ear disorders, brain disorders, and the result of trauma or collision.

If you feel that your complaints are getting worse accompanied by nausea, fainting, continuous dizziness with increasing intensity, fever, or sudden speech disturbances, then you should see a doctor. The doctor will carry out a physical examination followed by a balance test, blood pressure check, ear examination, and can also be continued with an MRI. So that the cause can be identified and can be treated according to the cause of your complaint.

What you can do:

Sit or lie down immediately when you feel symptoms of dizziness Sufficient daily water needs Eat nutritious food Avoid caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol Avoid shaking or moving your head quickly Hope this is useful

dr. Iriyanti

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