DNA HPV Test Results?

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hello, I want to ask, my wife happened to be 2 months ago when the pap smear was detected at the HPV 16 virus, and last month I was cauter and last Saturday we checked into Prodia for HPV DNA testing, but the results were like this

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Hello, William Andersen, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

HPV DNA testing is intended for high-risk types of HPV infection. High-risk HPV type infections can increase the risk of changes in cervical cells into more virulent cells. This examination detects DNA (genetic material) in HPV in cervical cells.

Each laboratory has their own terms in translating results. In each laboratory result, a normal value or reference value will be listed on each test. If the test results are not the same as the reference scores, or are higher / lower than the reference scores, then it can indicate abnormalities. In the HPV-DNA test, the normal value or the reference value is negative or the virus is not detected. If the test results show negative results, then the patient does not have the high-risk type of HPV virus. However, if the results are positive, there is a high-risk HPV virus in the patient's cervical cells. A positive result does not mean that the patient is suffering from cervical cancer, but rather the patient has a higher risk for cervical cell changes such as cervical cancer. If the test results are positive then the doctor will recommend further tests to check for signs of cervical cancer.

So, consult again about the results of this laboratory with the doctor who treats your wife for further examination and treatment plans.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.


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