Do Cavities Cause Sinusitis?

Illustration of Do Cavities Cause Sinusitis?
Illustration: Do Cavities Cause Sinusitis?

Mlm. I want to ask, is it true that cavities can cause nasal problems, such as sinusitis for example.

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Sinusitis is inflammation of the walls of the sinus cavity which are air cavities that are in the skull bones that are connected with the flow of air from the nose. The cause of sinusitis is the buildup of bacteria that is most often associated with nasal polyps or the presence of allergic rhinitis.

In certain cases, sinusitis can also be caused by an infection in the upper graham teeth, this is related to the finding of tooth roots reaching into the sinus cavity, therefore what if there is an infection in the tooth or cavities, germs can spread to sinus cavity and cause sinusitis

Therefore to avoid this:

Perform regular dental and oral care with regular brushing
Clean between the teeth by flossing
Limit your intake of sweet and sticky foods
Avoid dusty air, pollution and cigarette smoke

To get more complete and relevant information regarding your condition, you should consult with your dentist

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