Do Cavities Need To Be Patched?

Illustration of Do Cavities Need To Be Patched?
Illustration: Do Cavities Need To Be Patched?


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Cavities can cause food debris to accumulate because they are not easy to clean. This pile of leftovers can be a good place for bacteria to grow so that infection can occur. Infection can cause inflammation in the inside of a tooth, known as a pulp that contains blood vessels and nerves. This inflammation is known as pulpitis. If pulpitis has occurred, this condition will cause symptoms of toothache. In addition, an untreated infection can cause buildup of pus on the roots of the tooth or what is known as a tooth abscess. In this condition, in addition to toothache, pus can also come out of the surrounding gums and sufferers also experience fever.

To deal with cavities, in general dentists will keep your teeth as much as possible. The doctor will examine your teeth and take an x-ray. Depending on the severity, the treatment that can be recommended by the doctor is the treatment of root canals followed by tooth filling or tooth extraction that cannot be sustained due to severe infection or severe tooth decay, the doctor will recommend the extraction of teeth which can be followed by the installation of dentures, bridge, or dental implant. For this condition, you can consult a general dentist. The dentist will examine your teeth and assess the results of your x-ray. If indeed the condition of your teeth is severe or complex, your doctor can refer you to a conservation specialist. If you are still unsure of your dentist's explanation before, please consult with another dentist to ask for other opinions about the condition of your teeth and appropriate treatment.

Meanwhile, please maintain dental hygiene by regularly brushing your teeth twice a day and using dental floss to help clean teeth. Please rinse your mouth after eating to prevent food debris from accumulating on cavities. If a toothache appears, you can take paracetamol according to the rules of use on the drug packaging.

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