Do Cavities Need To Be Removed?

Illustration of Do Cavities Need To Be Removed?
Illustration: Do Cavities Need To Be Removed?

Tonight, my teeth have a hole 2 seeds. I have already asked the dentist I subscribe to but can’t be patched up because it’s already dairy enough. and I feel that each one speaks a little differently from the past. like something is up. Is it true that cavities can affect that? should it be pulled out? please the solution. thanks.

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Hello Setiawan Winoto,

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Cavities are conditions where there is damage to the outermost teeth to the inside, and form a hole. This condition can be caused by bacterial growth, due to poor oral hygiene. Symptoms that can be caused by this condition include:

Tooth ache
Feels aching when consuming cold, sweet or hot food or drink
Cramps in the gums and muscles in the mouth area

These symptoms can affect the process of chewing food, talking, or swallowing. The treatment needed to treat this condition depends on the condition of your teeth, the severity, and other factors. Some of these choices are the filling process (filling), crown, root canal, and tooth extraction. To determine the appropriate type of treatment, consult directly with the dentist so that a more complete examination and appropriate treatment can be done.

Some things you can do are:

Maintain oral and dental hygiene
Reduce consumption of eating sweet foods before bed
Controlling oral health regularly to the dentist

Thus, hopefully can help.

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