Do Cavities With Painful Teeth Have To Be Removed?

Illustration of Do Cavities With Painful Teeth Have To Be Removed?
Illustration: Do Cavities With Painful Teeth Have To Be Removed?

Hello, I am a 21-year-old woman who has complaints with cavities at the bottom of the right end, I have gone to a different dentist dkter, and all I recommend to pull out, is the condition of the gums that enter the hole in the pull out? I want another alternative, because my teeth feel ache for every meal, and if it’s already open, can the teeth still need to be pulled out? My teeth have cavities and there are no crowns. R nDo my questions, thank you

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Tooth ache, showing the process of inflammation in the teeth and gums that can cause inflammation of the tooth nerve. If inflammation continues, complaints of swelling and severe pain can interfere with your activities and reduce your appetite. Some of the causes of complaints of pain in cavities can be caused by:
1. the rest of the food that goes into the teeth
2. inflammation of the dental pulp
3. dental polyps, as a form of growth of benign tumors such as soft gums in the cavity area
4. gum swelling
5. cracked teeth

6. dental abscess
In connection with complaints of aching teeth that you feel in cavities, where in the tooth cavity there are incoming gums, this condition is likely caused by dental polyps, which can experience retraction and injury due to repeated trauma to the area of ​​cavities. Tooth extraction and tooth polyp removal can be done by dentists to help reduce complaints and help prevent recurrent inflammation.
Therefore, if these dental pain complaints continue to recur and bother you, you should follow your dentist's advice. If you are worried about the process of tooth extraction and dental care, then you can discuss well with your dentist. Thus, your doctor can provide comfortable dental treatment and treatment options for you.
What you need to do now to prevent the recurrence of pain complaints until you see your dentist is:
1. use the other side of the jaw to chew food
2. Clean your teeth before and after eating
3. Avoid foods and drinks that are sweet, and too hot or cold
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