Do Cysts Move Like A Fetus?

Illustration of Do Cysts Move Like A Fetus?
Illustration: Do Cysts Move Like A Fetus?

Afternoon, I am 31 years old right, yes, not 12 I am not menstruating, then 1,2,3 months I have men but only 3 to 4 days, but my stomach is getting bigger like a pregnant person, inside the lower abdomen feels there is a pulse and sometimes like a moving fetus, I thought I was pregnant, but after 2 D ultrasound he said there was a cyst, can the cyst move? fetal cyst yes, thank you

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Hello Desi,

Thank you for the question.

There are several types of cysts that can appear in the female reproductive organs, for example corpus luteum cysts, ovarian cysts, endometriosis cysts, dermoid cysts, and so on. Clinical symptoms of cysts can vary depending on the type of cyst, its location, and also its size.

Need to be clarified, what cyst do you mean?

The most common cause of menstruation is not smooth among the cysts above are ovarian cysts. This condition occurs when the eggs in the ovary fail to mature properly, so that it actually fills with fluid and forms cysts. If the size is small, ovarian cysts can be asymptomatic at all. But if it is enlarged, you can experience abnormal menstrual patterns, stomach cramps and bulging, even fertility disorders. The sensation of moving in your stomach is actually not always directly related to this cyst. It could be, this sensation of moving in your stomach arises purely due to the pulses of large blood vessels in the abdominal cavity (abdominal aorta) or normal intestinal peristalsis. It could also be, the movement in the stomach that you feel in your stomach is caused by aortic aneurysms, muscle twitches, digestive infections, hernias, intestinal inflammation, nerve disorders, psychological disorders, benign or malignant tumors in the abdominal cavity, and so on. So, the stomach that moves like this is not specific to indicate a pregnancy huh ..

If you have checked yourself into a doctor and given treatment, you should first undergo treatment according to the doctor's advice. So that the feeling of moving in your stomach subsides, you can reproduce the rest first, limit lifting weights that are too heavy, warm compresses that feel uncomfortable stomach, wear loose and comfortable clothing, eat regularly and drink lots of warm water.

If your periods remain irregular, or other more severe complaints appear (such as severe stomach cramps, massive vomiting, hardened stomach, bowel obstruction or so on, etc.), don't hesitate to check yourself back at your doctor or obstetrician to be given appropriate management, yes. Conversely, if with the efforts above your complaints have improved, we suggest you do not rush to see a doctor and multiply stay at home so that your risk of contracting the disease (including COVID-19) can be minimized.

Hope this helps ...

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