Do I Have Another Personality Or Alter Ego?

Illustration of Do I Have Another Personality Or Alter Ego?
Illustration: Do I Have Another Personality Or Alter Ego?

I am often confused when I do an action … I can be a gentle, patient figure and become someone else’s back. But if my emotions suddenly explode. I have been emotionally trying to kill myself by strangling my own neck. But as if I have a lot of personality on my body that prevented it … then I was upset because my niece didn’t sleep I banged her head on the cupboard. I could also be an existent figure and wanted to be noticed. I could also be a writer. I could also be a person who likes to draw. why is it like this. Every time I get into trouble I usually bang my head and only after that is a relief. Besides that I have a phobia of balloons and loud sounds. ? or am I a psychopath?

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Mental disorders are diseases that affect emotions, thinking patterns and behavior of sufferers. Mental disorders in general can be caused due to several factors, including:

Congenital factors, nerve cell disorders, infections, brain injury, due to drug use, malnutrition
Psychological factors, traumatic events, loss of parents or wasted time as a child, unable to get along with others, divorce, low self-esteem, loneliness, or have problems and stress.

Types of mental disorders are very diverse. Depending on the symptoms you are experiencing and the examination tests you have to do with a psychiatrist. Because mental illness is a disease that if not done more interviews and examination of mental health tests.

Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder characterized by emotional changes that are very drastic, in which the patient will feel symptoms of sadness or very bad and happy symptoms. For example, from very happy to sad, from the spirit of activity to being lazy to do activities. While alter ego is where someone makes other characters in themselves consciously. In general, everyone has an alter ego, it's just that if the personality is more than one and is not realized then it is not included as an alter ego.

As I said before, the examination of mental disorders must be done in depth and structural, and need to do a mental health test. You do not need to be discouraged, if you experience the same thing, at least you should see a doctor to tell all the complaints that you experience. So that the disorder does not continue, immediately come to consult with a psychiatric doctor.

May be useful. Always Healthy 😊

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