Do I Have Psychopaths?

Illustration of Do I Have Psychopaths?
Illustration: Do I Have Psychopaths?

hello .. want to ask, I’ve read psychopathic characteristics, but it’s still not suitable, I like to hide the sadness when I gather friends, just pretend happy, want to confide but not say, and I was born from BROKEN home, my age is already 24 … and I often throw my mistakes at other people. huhuh REPLY

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Hello Ryan, thank you for the question on

To determine the psychological condition and personality of a person including whether a person is a psychopath or not, it can not only be determined based on the characteristics, but further examination is needed both using a particular examination method and also through the assessment of a person's psychiatric status by a psychiatric specialist ( psychiatrist).

Therefore, it is highly not recommended to give rise to your own personality without any special judgment from a psychiatrist. If you want to know about your mental state and personality, it is highly recommended that you consult further with your psychiatrist about your current character and character so that you are not wrong in determining your own personality.

In the meantime, it is not recommended to conclude your personality without a clear basis. It is also recommended not to worry too much because excessive worries can cause other psychiatric disorders. If there is something that feels disturbing to your mind, try to be more open, tell people you really trust and are comfortable to say all your problems.

I hope this helps.

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